The collection consists in collecting the spat, that is to say small oysters in the process of development.It is carried out in the natural environment (at sea). 

The collectors are installed in the middle of July at sea in very
muddy zones on the coasts of Ile Madame, on which the oyster larvae will come to settle and begin their development.

9 months later the spat harvest can begin. They are then brought back to the establishment where the small oysters are
unhooked with the help of a machine (unhooking machine) before sorting them and putting them in bags.

2 –BREEDING OYSTERS : years of patience

Once the bags are put in the sea, they will stay there for 2 to 3 years.

  • After 18 months, our bags are brought back to our workshop.The oysters having grown, they are tranferred to lower density in bigger bags wich allows the water to circulate better.
  • During these 3 years of breeding, our oysters will be the object of attentive and rigorous care, the bags will be turned over 4 to 5 times a year to support the growth of the oysters so that they have a regular and well rounded shape. Oysters feed essentially of phytoplankton and mineral salts.

3 –RIPENING : Oysters " fines de claires"

The ripening allows to improve the gustative quality of the oyster.

Once the oysters have reach market size, they are placed in sea water basins.Generally shallow and clay bottom called “claires”.

Lasting for a minimum of 28 days, the ripenings is a regulated operation & unique to the Marennes Oléron region.Wich allows to obtain “fines des claires” label.


Once their growth process is finished, the oysters are placed in sea water finishing basins disgorgers.They will stay there for a minimum of 24 hours so the shellfish can fitler and clean  themselves from the sediments accumulated in the ” claires”.

The oysters are then calibrated and stored flat in baskets before being put on sale to end up on your plate!

LES "label rouge"

Protected oysters by ” IGP Marennes Oléron” ripened in claires

Fines Vertes Label Rouge

Bred in " claires label rouge"

Superior quality product, the “Label Rouge” is an official label awarded by the french ministry of agriculture, is subject to very demanding to control standards & is protected by pig-protecded geographical indication Marennes Oléron.

Its green color iso appreciated by consumers thanks to presence in the ” claires” of the blue navicule, a micro algea filtered by the
oyster wich retains the pigment, “la mareinne”.

An exeptionnal product and the pride  of ” Maisson Pattedoie”.

During its stay the “claires”, the oysters will reach a high meat content and crunchy fermness as well  as a pronounced taste of the land that’s lasts in the mouth.

Studies have been conducted to define the taste of his “pousse en claire label rouge” , the most typical oyster of the Marennes Oléron range.
It is the oysters of great moments.

LES "pattedoie"

Fines Pattedoie

Spéciales Pattedoie​

The fine Pattedoie oysters is the favorite product of consumers who appreciate oysters with little flesh.

It is an open sea oyster maturated for 28 days in our marshes, these shallow clay basins wich allow it to acquire a shell quality superior to of an open sea oyster and adds to its marine flavor the subtlety  of a local taste.

It is an oyster that we carefully select before maturing for its roundness and thickness.

Its concavity, more pronounced announces a more important volum of flesh.

The ripening process gives tem an exceptional fattening and a inimitable taste.